Well Pump Services Near Your Area

Well Pump Services

If your water is off or the breaker keeps tripping, it could mean that your well pump is having issues. Call a professional right away.

Well pumps are essential for a safe, reliable water supply. Watch for signs of problems like constant running, low water pressure, or a leaking pressure tank.


The installation of a new well pump, or replacing an existing one is a task best left to professionals. It requires removing the old pump from underground, drilling a hole for the new one, and then connecting it to all of the appropriate wires and components.

This is not a job to attempt on your own, especially given the dangerous nature of working with water and electricity. Before attempting any work, the owner’s manual should be thoroughly read and all necessary precautions taken. The manual will also provide information regarding wiring diagrams, tools required for assembly, proper grounding instructions, troubleshooting items and step-by-step installation tips that are unique to your well pump system.

If you’re installing a new pump, always install a new control box and pressure switch with it. The old ones may have degraded capacitors and dirty electrical contacts that can cause your expensive new pump to quickly fail!


Well pump repairs are an important service because property owners rely on them to supply clean, healthy water for their homes. They are often a more convenient alternative to municipal water supplies, so when the system breaks down, it can throw household routines into disarray.

Some signs that a well pump needs repair include low water pressure or water that sputters. These are signs that the well pump is struggling to lift water from the well to the pressure tank and can be a sign of a leak in the suction line or an air bladder problem.

Another sign is a sudden increase in electricity use. The well pump is working harder to compensate for a decreased efficiency and that can cause an increase in your power bill. You may also hear a banging noise that is called hydrostatic shock, which occurs when the system goes on and off too quickly, sending a shock wave through the plumbing.


The purpose of the well pump service is to monitor the operation of the pump and equipment. This can include a flow test to check system output, pressure tank air charge and balance, pump motor performance (checking amp load, grounding and line voltage), well equipment inspection and water quality testing.

For example, if your well water has an unusual odor or is cloudy, it may be because the pump is getting sand and silt in its motor and is not filtering it out. This can cause the well pump to wear out more quickly and will eventually lead to an insufficient water supply for your home.

A well pump is a critical component of your household plumbing. If you experience a sudden loss of water, notice low water pressure or hear the pump constantly cycling on and off at night, get it checked out by an experienced professional right away. This will minimize the problem and save you a lot of money in the long run.


Many homes rely on an in-ground well to provide them with water. If you are experiencing problems with your well pump, it’s important to call a professional right away. If you try to fix the problem yourself, you could end up getting hurt or introducing bacteria into your well water.

Well maintenance involves regularly checking for problems and maintaining the well pump, circuit breaker and pressure tank. It is also helpful to keep a log of any issues you encounter so you can provide this information to your plumber.

A common sign that your well pump is starting to go bad is a high electric bill. This is because the pump has to work harder to pull water from the ground, which requires more electricity. The pump also decreases in efficiency as it ages, so it requires more energy to operate than a newer model. These signs suggest that it’s time to replace your Well Pump Services.